Distance: 19.1 km
Estimated driving time: 35 min

Next to the mountainous village of Gastouri and only 10km south of the city, the Achilleion Palace is to be found. It is the palace which was built by Empress Elisabeth of Austria known as Sissi. Achilleion Palace is one of the most famous royal mansions in Europe. Its name was given by Achilles, who was a hero during the Trojan war. It is built according to the neoclassical architecture and includes a numerous variety of statues illustrating figures of Greek mythology. Indoors, there are beautiful portraits, murals and the personal possessions of the priors to Elisabeth. In the garden, which has thick vegetation, dominated the world-famous statue of “dying Achilles”. Its beauty is reinforced by the fact that the palace is built upon a mountainous slope surrounded by thick vegetation.