Distance: 39.9 km
Estimated driving time: 1 min

Halikounas beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches over the island. It is situated in the southwest side of Corfu, next to Korission Lagoon. The landscape is full of contradictions. Rocky hills rise on one side, which towards the seaside are converting into a 3km golden beach. The beach is easily accessible through a wooden bridge, which connects lagoon to the sea. The beach is surrounded by a thick juniper forest, which complements landscape’s beauty. A spectacular sunset reflecting upon the deep blue waters is to be admired. Even though Halikounas beach is not one of the most popular beaches on the island, it is considered as a diamond of nature’s beauty as well as a landmark to the Ionian Sea. Halikounas has also a beach bar. It is a beach ideal for those who love kite surfing due to the winds.