Safety Tips for Watersports


Security measures and safety tips

The wide category of inflatables is one of the most exciting water sports which raise the adrenaline. Those are the water ring, the simple, double and sixfold falcon, the air stream, the crazy ufo as well as the eight seated banana. However, they lurk potential danger, if you are not completely prepared. For this reason, specific tips are being provided, which concern both the responsibility of the specials and your personal responsibility.

Specials’ duties

The people in charge should always be alert. At least 2 people must offer their services˙ one communicates with the clients, while the other operates the boat. Of course, both are committed to communicate each other though wireless devices. Providing CPR and first aid is considered to be of an exceptional importance. The existence of a rescue boat is also necessary.

How can I be protected?

First and foremost, you should always wear a life jacket! The riders should know how to swim. Swimming is necessary when particularly practicing water ring, because the speed is exaggerating, the collision is predicted and the possibilities of falling are extremely high. In addition, it is highly recommended for children and young to wear helmet, gloves and to use a personal flotation. Everybody is obliged to know the communication symbols, which can be used at any time.

Always on a safe route

It is a fact that most of the accidents are caused be reckless operators. The reason why is that the operators cannot estimate the right distance from dangerous zones like platforms, rocky surfaces and other boats nearby. Other accidental cases occur since the inflatables slide and flip.

Particularly cautious with children

The inflatables are particularly preferable to children. However, there are some security measures ought to be followed. They are not referring only to the clothing, as it is mentioned, but also to the speed, which should not exaggerate 30 kilometers per hour. In addition, the water depth should be less than 1 meter, since the children should fall in shallow waters.

Quality guaranteed boats

Our boats meet all the safety standards and are completely equipped and renewed. They are qualified with an advanced quality to protect human body. Nevertheless, and as it has already been mentioned, you need to secure your safety and check, whether, both operator and boat, meet all the safety rules.