Paxos Island

Distance: 92.3 km
Estimated driving time: 4 min

Paxos Island is quite small and belongs to the Ionian islands. According to mythology, Poseidon abstracted Paxos Island from Corfu to use it as a love shelter. Gaios is the capital and the port of the island, which meets a quite big touristic flow. Every year lots of yachts dock to its bay. Gaios preserves the traditional intense colours. By entering the capital, anyone can admire the picturesque dwellings, the narrow lanes and the small churches. Island’s nature beauty is appreciable. Virgin seashores and isolated precipitous beaches consist island’s beauty. Warm sun illuminates its leafy vegetation. Underwater caves appeal every day sea lovers, who desire to discover them. However, an excursion to Paxos Island would not be a complete excursion day without visiting Antipaxos Island. Therefore, every day touristic agencies organise excursions to Paxos Island much like to Antipaxos Island.