Tips for parasailing


Useful security tips for parasailing

Parasailing follows some specific legislated security rules like other tow water sports. Most of them concern boat’s features. Indicatively it is mentioned that the boat, which pulls the parachute, should have at least 5 meters length and mechanics horsepower on average of 150 horses. The rope length should not exaggerate 80 meters and should have thickness of at least 12 millimetres. Boat’s movement is forbidden at a smaller distance than 200 meters from the beach.

A reputable Club’s safety

For every water sport, let alone parasailing, you should choose positively reputable firms. Dassia Ski Club is one of these. We are deeply informed that parasailing is extremely dangerous, even if it super exciting. For this reason, we provide you with specials, which can take you off and touch you down with safety. They are completely educated to operate excellently our equipment and guarantee your safety and your body integrity since 1973.

Always checking the equipment

Parasailing requires an excellent equipment of ride hinges and safe ropes, which are provided by the specials of Dassia Ski Club. Nevertheless, in case you suspect that something is not safe enough, you should inform the operator, who is obliged to provide you with safer gear. In addition, the medical and communication equipment must be tested on a daily basis.

Communication with the operator

Before you even begin, you should be informed about the security tips and the system, through which you can communicate. Even if tis hard, it is not out of reach. There is a specific hand-gestures system, about which you are completely informed before the take off. Do not hesitate to ask anything which could probably bother you!

Operator’s and parachutist’s responsibility

During the flight, the parachutist wears obligatory its personal life vest. On the other hand, the operator of the boat which pulls the parachute, should follow a route, which is free from reefs, rocky islets, installations and anchored boats. At the same time, the route should be away from other boats’ routes. Therefore, an accident can surely be prevented.

Always checking weather conditions

There is no doubt that checking the weather conditions is extremely important. Dassia coast, even if it is a small bay, often appears windy phenomena, which do not favour parasailing. For this reason, weather prognosis is important.

Quality guaranteed boats

Our boats meet all the safety standards and are completely equipped and renewed. They are qualified with an advanced quality to protect human body. Nevertheless, and as it has already been mentioned, you need to secure your safety and check, whether, both operator and boat, meet all the safety rules.