Water ski tips


Everything you need to know about water ski

Water ski is considered as one of the most demanding water sports. During the performance, following certain rules and security standards constitutes a necessity. For this reason, skier, whether he is beginner or advanced, ought to follow defined advice, which will ensure his safety.

Always with a lifejacket

Security rules have been established according to relevant legislation. One of the most important prerequisites, if not the most important one, refers to skier’s swimming abilities. At any case, he must wear a lifejacket, which will be correctly tied to his body. In addition, he must know how to communicate and send signals by using only his hands.

Coaching is not to be ignored

Coaching is a primary necessity, since the right skiing instructions are given only at that time. In Dassia Ski Club, there are sub-professional trainers, whom skier must always observe. Despite skier’s high levelled experience, he should always feel cautious considering his abilities. Water ski is not approved during nigh hours or without a proper lightning.

Operator’s responsibility

There is no doubt that, both skier and instructor carry equally responsibilities. The operator, besides the fact that he must operate the boat with excellency, ought to adjust in difficult situations. He should recognize i.e. rocky surfaces and shallow waters or be aware of other boats in a short distance.

The cooperation with an observer is a prerequisite

The communication between the operator and the athlete is above all. For this reason, the placement of an observer is a necessary requirement, since he is able to check skier’s efficiency and keep the operator updated at a risk case.

Advice for the purpose of preventing accidents

General advice concern logic observations, which apply to everyone and are easily understandable. Unless the weather is good, water ski cannot be practiced. Same goes, whether skier is or feels tired. Therefore, the accidental cases can rapidly increase. Do not try skiing nearby platforms and before you start, make sure that the equipment is intact.

Quality guaranteed boats

Our boats meet all the safety standards and are completely equipped and renewed. They are qualified with an advanced quality to protect human body. Nevertheless, and as it has already been mentioned, you need to secure your safety and check, whether, both operator and boat, meet all the safety rules.

Booking options

Dassia Ski Club offers multiple booking options. Firstly, the possibility of an individual boat renting is also given, which lasts about 30 minutes per hour. However, the athletes, whenever they wish, can rent a boat for half a day or the whole day. The prices are affordable. Please note that the boat launches and finishes its route from and to the platform.