Towing Seminars

Training Seminars for Water Sports Boat Driving & Towing

Do you know how to drive a speed boat, but know nothing about towing? No worries, we in Dassia Ski Club are here at your services. In these seminars we provide you with the best instructions and personal advice to help you become the perfect water sports boat driver. You get to learn everything regarding safety and the difficulties of water sports boat driving. Depending on your level of competency the seminars are between 8-16 hours.In order to attend the seminars, it is mandatory to possess a valid speedboat operator's license.

The seminars

Towing for water skiing, ringo and other water sports differs greatly from simple speedboat driving. With our help, you will learn everything about the existing regulations and safety measures of driving and towing. Our prime concern is the prevention of injuries and accidents caused by inexperienced or distracted drivers. The seminars prepare you for the challenges of towing for each water sport. We are of course here to answer your potential questions on the appropriate speed and distance. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to successfully drive a speedboat for most water sports. For a more adventurous fun summer contact us.